I am a Slow Walker But I Never Walk Backwards

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This is a quote from one of the greatest Presidents of US,Mr.Abraham Lincoln. And it’s a powerful one too(Which is one of the reason I thought of making this my first post in this wonderful place).I have not been successful in finding the context it was said, but then, we can still use it in our pursuit to move towards our goals and bettering ourselves.

We all have goals-some big and some small. We also have our doubts, our inadequacies. We sometimes think we are not good enough for the goal and sometimes we just think those goals are distant dreams. Confidence at times comes and goes. Usually it goes when we start trying. The mind asking us to stay in the comfort zone of what we are doing. But then, truth of the matter until we pursue something and give it for full hearted effort, we cannot have any say on whether the goal was big or small. Great accomplishments were done in spite of heaviest of odds against them.Besides,no one really cares whether you ran fast to get the goal or walked slow to the goal. The only thing that matters is the goal. Even if we take that small step and never walk backwards, you are borne to get to the goal.Besides,if you were running fast to the goal, chances are there you could burn yourself and leave the goal midway thus accomplishing nothing.

Take small but definite steps. Even if it meant weight loss. Take a small cut in your food. You need not be drastic and risk everything. If you were eating 4-5 sandwiches, cut them to 3-4.And that would certainly help in a small way in your weight loss efforts. Its progress! Once you are comfortable, we can make further changes. Focus on getting better and not on other things like how good you are, or on fate or other things. The point is to track and move towards your goal and make progress even if its 0.00001 per cent. Its still a progress!

Make a list of goals you want to achieve, let them be big or small. Choose the small step in the beginning before any large steps and keep moving forward to the goal. Do not move backward and just keeping going. Initial ones could be hard but keep going. Another secret: Once those initial inertia is gone, you will find its easier to move then to stop. And best of all the rewards would keep coming. And sometimes they accumulate and come in a big surprise.


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