For Men: Balding Gracefully

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Normal male adults lose about 10,000 scalp hairs everyday. Scalp hairs when not replaced will slowly create bald spots on the head. With male pattern baldness, scalp hair does not grow back when your hair drops. No wonder that it is a fact that millions of men in the world out there are going bald.

As men start to reach their middle ages, the loss of hair will be more prominent. Some common reasons for male pattern baldness might be due to family genetics or hormones.

Yes I understand that most men are unable to part with their precious hair. Hair loss can still be a big psychological blow to men as balding has so often been perceived as being ugly. So are there any easy solutions to this male balding problem? Of course there is! I am here to tell you about some solutions that might just do the trick for you.


Find out that is causing your hair loss:

  • Hair loss can be associated with having a stressful life as stress can be a major factor in men having hair loss.

  • If you are on long term medication, make sure to check with the doctor if your medication includes side effects that lead to hair loss. Ask for an alternative if it is really your medication that is causing your loss of hair.

  • Hair hygiene is very important to prevent hair loss as if you have an itchy scalp, you might over scratch your scalp thus damaging your scalp.


If your cause of hair loss is none of the above, then maybe you can try some of these techniques:

  • Applying medication on your head that promotes hair growth (Rogaine). Bear in mind that the head medication must be used on a regular basis or else your hair loss will resume.

  • Hair transplants can be done, but it sure is a very expensive way to fight hair loss.

  • Wear a wig


If all else fails or if you do not want to spend lots of money to combat hair loss, then there is only 1 way to go about it. That is to embrace and accept your baldness:

  • There are several hairstyles for men who are balding. The general consensus is to keep your hair as short as possible. Check with your barber to see which hair style suits you.

  • The last tip for you is never do a comb-over hair style. Those few strands of hair left will not be able to cover your balding head. Not to mention how ugly that looks……


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