A Review of The Updated Facebook Iphone Application And Timeline Profile Feature

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One of many apps I use quite a bit is the Facebook iPhone application. They have really come along way ever since the initial version was released. They also appear to be intent on making it as comparable to the website experience as they possibly can. However anyone knows the viewing area on a small screen isn’t the same as a large one. That being the case the iPhone application still does provide a very real Facebook type experience, plus adds to it based on the idea that there are things you can do if you are using a mobile phone you can’t do sitting at a desk someplace on a computer. You have your news feed, messages, events, friends lists, photos, groups, chat, marketplace, and entry to any Facebook fan pages you have set up. It really is a pretty complete experience when compared to the online website version.

One of the things that you’re able to do on the Facebook iPhone app you can’t do on a pc is use the “Nearby” feature. This feature takes advantage of the iPhone GPS, along with the Facebook check-in feature, to show you a list of people on your friends list who are nearby to your current location. It’s pretty cool as long as you don’t mind people knowing your location, but if you like more anonymity you won’t be checking in here and there letting everyone have knowledge of your whereabouts anyways. I believe it’s a fun and useful feature that can lead to some fun social activities and new friendships.

Among the newest highlights of the iPhone Facebook app is the addition of the new Facebook Timeline profile. The Timeline profile is essentially your history on Facebook, beginning with the day you registered until the current day, arranged chronologically inside a list that you and all your friends can enjoy. It’s cool but yet scary at the same time. Every little comment, quote, or status is listed on your timeline profile. The day you changed your employer, your relationship status, or put that embarrassing picture of yourself on your profile, they are all there on your timeline. The Timeline profile truly proves that after you save information online it is always online someplace. I’m a bit of a junkie for the new, cool, techie type things, therefore I kind of think it’s fun and having said that I can see those who can’t stand change being much less happy with this feature. The good thing for those people is at this time you don’t need to move to the Timeline profile yet. But when you do decide to make the switch to the Timeline profile, it is a permanent switch, so ensure that you want to switch over to it for good before make the change.

Overall I seriously enjoy using the Facebook iPhone application and quite a few people I know who use it also find that it’s useful and fun. So I would definitely recommend this app to the Facebook addict with an iPhone.


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