Top 5 App Maker Tips to Get Your Iphone Application Approved by The App Store

Becoming an app maker is tough. You constantly have to worry about your iPhone app getting disapproved by the App Store, which is the most strict mobile application marketplace. Here are the top 5 useful tips to help your app get a thumbs up from the Apple App Store:

Review any glitches – Majority of the apps being rejected are due to some technical bugs or errors. And sometimes this happens just because of pure recklessness. As such, you need to double check your app for any glitches that you may have otherwise missed. Test it carefully to ensure it’s error-free before submitting it to the App Store.

Provide all the required data – Don’t miss out any necessary information when filling out the submission form. Crucial details include: name, email, contact #, APIs used and description, icons or photos and external links.

Make it plain and simple – Don’t get all too excited in jazzing up your app. For your first submission, it’s best to go easy on the frills and just focus on the basics. Not overly simple though, as it would most likely be immediately rejected. Once approved, you can easily add extra frills and features and release them on your future updates.

Follow the rules – Apple is particularly firm about their set of rules. And while some of them seem ridiculous to you, Apple simply wants to ensure an awesome mobile user experience at all times and at all costs. The App Store especially hates misspelling technical jargons and using unpublished APIs. Also, anything that’s violent, damaging or offensive in nature.

Be one-of-a-kind – The App Store is literally overflowing with an outrageous number of applications, making it extra difficult for a novice app maker to compete head to head. That’s why you need to create a mobile app that will stand out because of its unique concept or purpose. Get creative in making it unique, useful and engaging. Doing so increases your chances of getting approved by Apple.

The App Store’s approval process usually takes quite a while, more so if your app gets declined. To avoid such hassle and frustration, follow these top 5 app maker approval tips when submitting your iPhone app to the App Store.

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