Love Spell

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Materials what you will need to make this ritual are: three roses – red, white and yellow. The cup or chalice made from silver or other light colored metal (like nickel, platinum etc.). Five red candles, milk, water, knife or needle and chalk.

When all things which mentioned are collected, you can start your magic ritual.

For more effective result it recommends to make this spell on a waning moon.

Take the chalk and draw a circle on the table and five-pointed star in it. Then put your candles on each star beam. In the centre of star place the cup filled with water. Dispose the roses around the circle. Milk and knife (needle) put near the table, so you could take them in any moment.

Light the candles. And say the words:

“I call the spirits of the charm

I take tree roses in my arm

The red for passion

The white for trust

The yellow one for truly lust

I put two drops in silver cup

For my pain will promptly stop.

The drop of blood to bind us both

The drop of milk for endless close

And gentle hands of water pure

Dissolve these drops in ageless scope

I call the spirits of the charm

To unite me and my beloved”

When you are saying this spell, you must act according to words what you pronounce, for example, when you say: “I take tree roses in my arm / The red for passion” – you take the red rose, “The white for trust” – you take white rose and finally the yellow rose when you say “The yellow one for truly lust”. And when you say “The drop of blood to bind us both” you must to pour out the drop of your blood into the water. For that reason you have a knife or a needle somewhere near. After the drop of blood addition you must take milk and pour out the drop of it in the water too, pronouncing the words “The drop of milk for endless close”. When you have finished your spell you must to drink the water till the cup is dry. The magic ritual is finished and you can remove all ritual accessories. Now you must wait and before the next full moon your beloved will come to you!


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