How To Choose The Best Milk

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A healthy nation is one of the main capital in creating a State. You can imagine what would happen if a State has a less healthy society due to malnutrition? One source of nutrition that is recognized all over the world is milk. This is set forth clearly from the patenting World Milk Day is commemorated every last Wednesday in September each year, triggered by the Agency for Food and Agriculture Organization (UN Food and Agriculture Organization) with the aim of increasing consumption of milk and good nutrition for children and develop the dairy industry worldwide. Taking inspiration from the International Milk Day, because in developing countries most of the milk is not a major nutritional intake. Consuming milk can help meet daily nutritional needs of the community. Especially for people who have low levels of milk consumption.

In the market, commonly known there are several kinds of milk in various packages of outstanding. Among the sweetened condensed milk (packaged in cans or sachets), milk powder (in packing cartons), pasteurized milk and UHT liquid milk.

Sterilization system UHT milk (Ultra High Temperature) and aseptic packaging is the best alternative techniques that ensure safety and protect the nutritional drinks and has many advantages compared with ordinary heating process. Therefore, the liquid UHT milk in a sterile implement processes ranging from fresh milk, packaging, and a special room for the packaging of milk (aseptic zone). This process is meant by the aseptic process. Excess liquid UHT milk does not use preservatives that are safe for consumption. Nutrient content in UHT milk is possible has not changed. Therefore, the liquid UHT milk is made from fresh liquid milk is processed by using heating with high temperature and in a very short time.
In effect, the bacteria and microbes that are pathogenic or which may cause the disease, will die. On the other hand, the potential for microbiological damage can be minimized. Therefore, a brief contact heat in UHT process causes the color, aroma, characteristic flavor and nutritional quality of fresh milk is relatively unchanged during the whole of microbial killing.

Moreover, liquid UHT milk does not contain preservatives and packed in special containers are sterile. UHT liquid milk hygienically packed using aseptic packaging of multi-layer high-tech. This multi-layered packaging is airtight so that bacteria can not even enter into it, and protected from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Because the destroyer of bacteria-free drinks, UHT liquid milk was still fresh and safe for consumption.
The process is done almost automatically without any human intervention in order to ensure the product is very hygienic and meets international health standards. UHT liquid milk was presumably more healthy and safe for consumption.


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