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IRS tax lawyers play a very important role when in the world of taxes. Many people have simple tax returns and may rarely, if never, need the services of a tax attorney. Some returns are more complex and have plenty of room for error, which can sometimes be the cause of an audit. When someone makes an error in the preparation and calculation of their taxes they may be hit with a notice of audit from the Internal Revenue Service.

An audit is a very serious situation where a tax analyst from the IRS will personally come to either your place of residence or your business, depending upon the individual situation. They will have to work with you to straighten out your financial records, receipts and other documents pertaining to the last several years of taxes you have filed.

Basically, your current year of taxes are being investigated and reviewed along with your past years. It is a safety net tactic that the IRS uses to ensure that other mistakes were not accidentally overlooked in your past filings. The analyst assigned to your case will take all of your records and documents through a process to determine the total amount of taxes you are liable for. This will then determine whether the IRS demands money from you or not.

This is the time to act upon your own financial safety by finding some legal help, such as one of the many IRS tax lawyers that make a living to ensure that your audit hearing is safe and fair. They are able to help fight the IRS in legal court to help you get the best ruling possible.

There are also tax attorneys that specialize in areas that involve criminal acts and, if you are faced with such a situation, you could benefit greatly by getting a criminal tax attorney instead. Taxes are no laughing matter and if there is a chance that criminal court may be involved then for the sake of your safety seek only IRS tax lawyers that are skilled and knowledgeable in the criminal tax field.

Either way, it is highly recommended to hire some kind of tax attorney when faced with an audit situation from the IRS. The services of a tax lawyer are to help you avoid any other problems that could arise out of the initial infraction. For instance, if you settle for a balance and payment plan that you can barely afford you are setting yourself up for failure. A lawyer that knows what they are doing will fight for your rights and demand that you be given a way to pay that fits your lifestyle and budget.

This type of situation will work for both parties, the IRS and you, because the outcome can be a payment plan that is designed to allow for easy payment of the court ordered amount. IRS tax lawyers are specifically trained to make an audit situation as easy and productive as possible. This is the only way to make the best out of a hard situation.


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