Review Nokia 800 Lumia Reveal The First Authorized Windows Phone

Nokia has become a world class manufacturer of mobile phones has successfully wooed fans with a stunning mobile phone. The most interesting factor that has made the fans go gaga over Nokia Lumia 800 is your operating system. This is the first step taken by Nokia, Symbian to dispose of and make Lumia to work with Windows, the latest version of Phone 7.5 Mango. Nokia 800 Review Lumia spell that Nokia has taken a giant leap began Lumia market is driven by the handle, to appease the mobile lovers.

In fact, it is a major step taken by Nokia to make Lumia 800 to work with the latest version of Microsoft Windows Phone software, which actively supports multitasking. The screen dynamically displays various information, such as messages and e-tile impulsive unread messages and e-mail, you need to check. Users can place their chosen application, pins, contacts on the main screen to be used as a shortcut. This operation is fun, and users can enjoy a variety of applications. Nokia 800 Lumia study also revealed that mobile enthusiasts can enjoy streaming music via Radio Mix. Navigation software on the board is highly recommended.

In terms of design, Lumia flashy and well built. The screen offers a view like that of a 3.7 inch AMOLED capacitive touch screen smartphone and the Nokia ClearBlack Gorilla Glass display pave the way for it. Camera phones have become a point of punctuation. While Lumia features 8-megapixel camera, front camera is missing, depriving users of the facility to participate in video conferencing or make Skype video calls. However, Carl Zeiss Tessar is commendable in making Lumia to capture the highest quality snaps in low light.

Avid lovers of mobile phones can read reviews of radar and know that HTC, the biggest competitor has a radar armed with a secondary camera. The new smartphone from HTC brand cave impresses with a great appearance and performance. With the help of widows Phone OS 7.5, the radar is full of energy, with good features. Given the niche targets that HTC is the purpose of satisfying the expectations of fans radar to mobile phones, but some of their weaknesses. Read a review of radar will allow the mobile lovers HTC to have a thorough knowledge of the new HTC smartphones.

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