Evaluating Honey & Its Price

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The question was once asked whether the much higher price — often twice as high — of home-produced honey is justified. Is its benefit to health greater than that of cheaper foreign honey? In order to make the answer clear to everyone and yet not anger any of the experts, I would like to draw comparisons with other natural products. Especially suitable for this purpose is the question of the cost of wine. In accordance with its rarity, etc., we have to pay two or three times as much as we would for ordinary table wine. The mineral content and actual benefit as a tonic can be the same with cheap as well as expensive wine. What we pay for then is the special taste, the wine’s so-called bouquet, and to the connoisseur the higher cost is justified. Another comparison can be made with various types of apples. The nutritional value of an ordinary cooking apple is possibly the same as that of your favorite kind considered a quality apple. Grade A will cost more than smaller apples that may not lock so beautiful. If it is only a matter of taste and shape the difference in price is often not justified, if we remember that the content and health value are the same.

If we use honey instead of sugar for syrups and other preparations, it is not worth paying a lot for it, for the flavor of the end product is determined by the other ingredients, not by the honey. Honey is used in syrups and similar products because of its goodness. We owe it therefore to the reasonable cost of foreign honey that we are able to provide valuable products at prices within everyone’s reach. This refers especially to our pine bud and plantain cough syrups.

This then is the exhaustive answer to the question of evaluating honey, and no doubt, in the future everyone will gladly buy the honey he prefers. People who are not connoisseurs or who have to count the cost, will continue to choose cheaper honey, but this is still more valuable than if they were to choose refined sugar or artificial sweeteners


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