Banned in The Google Adsense Program

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If you are banned from the Google AdSense program what you can do about it?

Well the first thing to do is find out what they have been banned for. If you have clicked their own ads or encouraging others to click on ads, or even foolish enough to join one of the forums to promote click fraud (Unfortunately there), another click on ads and click them on you, then sorry but I do not have sympathy and it is a mistake you are banned.

Google is based on their income from Google AdWords to make money, and this is what allows for AdSense, so Google is a moral obligation to protect advertisers from fraud. To click their own ads or get someone else to do, then you are committing fraud, plain and simple, and if you’re an advertiser who is being duped and then believe that you want Google to take action and ban people who do this type of fraud, no ?

However, while this is the most common reason to get the ban may not have to click their own ads or encourage others to do so, but you get banned. So what to do?

Well the first thing is to write an official letter to the AdSense team asking details about why they have been banned. They are human and will write back to you, even if it takes a while, but polite when you write to them, even if you’re mad, jumping up and down and screaming in an e-mail will not help your cause!

If the ban is because they do not meet the criteria of the quality of their web sites, such as not having a privacy policy and take action to find the website and make sure it meets their criteria for quality, make changes, how to add a link to the privacy policy on each page as an example . Then and only then write back to the details of the changes they made, and politely asked if they would consider lifting the ban.

Now you can get a response and, in general you should expect to receive a response within two weeks, but if it takes more time then do not get frustrated or angry and write a letter “demanding” answers, there is the possibility that the lead ban was not lifted.

So if you are having problems with Adsense account banned and want to find a way to get your account back, or just want to make sure you submit your application to the first, then visit the site AdSense expert, which can learn how to get an approved AdSense account with easy to first time applying for Adsense in just a few hours, if not just a few days.


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