5 Tips to Prevent Banned by Google

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This is a common problem among website owners who sometimes their website dropped from Google’s index and did not find their website by entering a target in the search box. The reason is simple, the site is not following ethical SEO tips for optimizing your website Google. It occurs in one of the sites my friends in the past. Through that experience I learned a lot about Google’s indexing algorithm or ranking of a website and give higher priority to certain keywords. Like all people, if you want to avoid a ban on Google for your site that you should follow the advice given below:

1.Make your site accessible.

This means your site must have a very good uptime. Always use a reliable hosting service with a good time (not less than 99%) and fast response time. Also the announcement of a robots.txt file in your root URL. The web site you can DROD for Google SERPS if Googlebot comes to your site and can not access them.

2.Add only unique and relevant content for your web site.

Add only unique content for your website. It should be informative and interesting to your visitors and relevant to the subject site. Writing content for real people and not for search engines. If you add a duplicate content on your site, copied from somewhere else, there will be more likely to be excluded from Google’s index.

3.Avoid spam to promote your website.

Avoid spam by mistake can lead to a ban on their web site from Google’s index. In this way, never use the door, hidden text, auto-generated pages, keyword stuffing concealment, or other unethical techniques.

4.Building link popularity for your website.

The quality of many things and not all inbound links are always good. Beware of sites that link to you. Avoid participating in link farms or FFA pages. Try to get links from sites pertaining to the subject alone. Avoid spam forums, guestbooks, blogs or comments. Outgoing links are also very important. Noting that the site is accessed from their website. Avoid links to sites that use spam techniques, as this can harm your site and your site may be banned from Google.

5.Add A site map.

Provide a way for Googlebot to index all pages of your site. Creating maps and links to all pages of your website, a site map to help Googlebot to easily access all their web pages. If you use JavaScript or Flash links – duplicate text.
I think the above tips will be useful for you all, and by using these tips from your site will not be expelled from google …. if you have any suggestions or comments, please share with me.


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