Dry Eye Disease

Some of us as we are less aware of how important the existence of our tears. Not least among us are busy washing the eyes with eye wash liquid to remove dirt, even just want to wash his eyes. In normal circumstances the surface of the eye we have a reliable defense of the water layer of the eye (tear film). The task layer of tears is always wet the surface of the eye (any we blink). Layer of our tears is composed of several layers;

1. The outermost layer
is a layer of oil / fats (oily / lipid layer), the main function of this layer is to create a stable layer of tears. With hydrophobic properties, this coating prevents too rapid evaporation of tears

2. Layer below it
the middle layer of the liquid is composed of 98-99% water, the rest consisting of inorganic salts, proteins, albumin, globulin, lysozyme, glucose, urea, neutral mucopolysaccharide type and acid type. This layer is useful to clean the surface of the cornea, lubricate the movement of the eyelids and the conjunctiva palpebra so as not to rub and damage the surface of the cornea. Smooths the surface of the cornea so as to produce high-quality optical imaging.

3. The deepest layer
is the mucin layer that helps the stability of a layer of tears across the surface of the cornea and conjunctiva evenly.

Tears without us knowing it is so important is important for our bodies. Usefulness of our tears there are several things, among others;

1. Help vision
Prevent dehydration on the surface of the eye.

2. Kill bacteria
In the normal eye does not have to look for cleaning eye drops, enough tears that serves as a natural antibacterial. In the tear fluid contained in the call with lysozyme that can kill around 90-95 percent of the bacteria that are left over from the computer keyboard, railings, sneezing and a place that contains bacteria, in 5 minutes.

3. Improve mood
Someone who can cry because of lower levels of depression with crying, mood will lift again. Tears to cry because the emotions generated contains 24 percent protein albumin, which is useful in regulating the body’s metabolic system.

4. Removing the toxins
a biochemist, William Frey has done several studies on the tears and find that the tears coming out of the emotional cry because it contains toxins from the body and release it through the eyes.

5. Reduce stress
How crying can reduce stress? Tears were also released stress hormones in the body which contained leucine-enkaphalin endorphin and prolactin.

6. Building a community
In addition to good physical health, crying can also help a person build a community, enhance the ability to communicate and socialize.

7. Relieve feelings of
After crying usually will appear a sense of relief because the limbic system, brain and heart will be smooth, and it makes a person feel better and relieved.

Once we understand about the layers of our tears, and of course their role we’re asking questions, then why there are so-called dry tears and what happens when the tears dry on leave?

Dry the tears that we refer to as dry eye syndrome (CMS) occurs because there is imbalance of the surface moisture of tears caused by production and expenditure tear drainage through the channel system through evaporation nasolakrimalis and disturbed. These conditions lead to a sense of heat, prop, which become heavy burning when exposed to wind, smoke on the eyes. If the discomfort is on leave can lead to more severe abnormalities such as corneal epithelial surface damage and konjung tiva, infection of the wound (ulcer) that may lead to corneal blindness is permanent.

The cause of dry eyes may also water because this lifestyle where using computers and air conditioners continuously, the quantity and quality of tears that are less good, sun exposure, aging, hormonal factors (pregnancy, lactation, menopause, contraception users, and andropause in men), systemic diseases (diabetes, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, thyroid disorders, lupus, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis), drugs that may decrease tear production (antihistamines, antidepressants, anti-hypertension, decongestants, diuretics, general anesthesia), use of contact lenses (which menggandung kadr high water), environmental factors (room air conditioners, hot air, dry, smoke pollution, wind) forget to blink) sew, read, see tv, staring at the screen ponsed, staring at computer monitors), post-operative surgical patients refractive will experience dry eye syndrome for a while.

The principle of treatment depends on the underlying factors and depending on the condition of dry eye syndrome is water;

1. Mild dry eye syndrome
But by administering drops of artificial tears and lubricant at night before bed.

2. Severe dry eye syndrome
It usually occurs in post-steven johnson syndrome, severe chemical trauma, burns. May consider the use of the band dage contact lens, autologous serum, occlusion pungtum done even if there are complications of surgery of the cornea.

So a little summary about the tears that have many health benefits of our eyes and therefore protect our tears from exposure to direct sunlight which menggandung ultraviolet light using a wide hat, umbrella, dark glasses uv menggandung whilst under the blazing sun and bawahlah artificial tears eye drops that have been recommended by a local ophthalmologist.

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