How to Make Winning Letter of Recommendation?

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Recommendation letters are written to refer someone for working in any organization, or getting admission in college, or for promotion, etc. These letters are required for variety of reasons. The content for such recommendations may change but the basic format of the letter remains same. Letter of recommendation will get you the desired job opportunity you were looking for, hence you should get it written from the one who knows you very well and who can explain your efficiency and capabilities to the employers.

Who can provide recommendation?

Not everyone is eligible to recommend anyone anywhere. Only your immediate seniors those have been working with you for years, and those who can provide the clear idea of your working capabilities and strengths are capable for providing professional reference. In case of personal reference, your close friend, relative or any other respected person in the society can provide a personal recommendation about your communal behavior and ethics. Academic reference can be given by your teacher, professor or a trainer. These types of recommendations may include information about student’s academic scores and aptitude.  

Guidelines for Writing a Winning Recommendation Letter

The body of the letter is generally divided in 3-4 paragraphs. Every paragraph presents important information related to the candidate who is to be referred.

Writer who is writing the recommendation letter should provide his name, job title and company name at the start. Write the date below this information. Provide the information of the person to whom you are writing a recommendation letter. Then mention the purpose of the letter. Start the letter with proper salutations. Address the reader with the name.

 1st Paragraph: It is the opening of your recommendation letter. Inform the employer the purpose of writing the letter and how you know the applicant.

2nd Paragraph: Second paragraph is the body of the letter. It should talk about all the positive points of the candidate. Provide examples to show how the referred candidate is most suitable for the applied position. Discuss the job specific skills of the candidate and inform the employer how these skills will benefit the company.

3rd Paragraph: This paragraph is also the part of letter body. It should discus about the candidate’s educational background.

4th Paragraph: It is the last paragraph of your letter of recommendation. It is also called as closing of your letter. It should address the employer and show your readiness to revert for any further queries regarding candidate’s professional background. You must display your confidence in the candidate in the closing of letter.

End Salutations: [Sincerely]

[Name of the person making recommendation]

Why do you need a recommendation letter?

Resume is your promotional document to grab the job opportunity. You say all positive things about yourself in your CV. But very few employers will believe on the details provided in your CV to hire you. Most employers will demand a recommendation letter from your previous employers. If you are talking about your strengths and accomplishments, no one is going to believe you, but if someone working in a responsible position in any organization confirms your strengths and capabilities, prospective hiring managers will definitely rate you best in the list of most preferred candidates. 


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