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Today web site is playing major role fo business.

User Friendly functionality of the website is the most important factor. Good web UI design plays a vital role to deliver clean and clear communication between the user and the system.

Website should be good looking and elegant. we have various technologies to design a good website. in each and every technology html (Hyper Text Mark Up Language.) There are many versions of HTML.

New vesrion of HTML is HTML5.0 has come into market blowing out the old versions and many other technologies which are in web development. HTML5 is the best technology for professional web development. This has got numerous features which can be incorporative into our website for brining a professional look to our website.

Genrally everybody likes to have animation part using flash into their websites. the heavy flash elements makes the site slow. Instead we can use javascript and Jquary for animations and to make our webiste fast.

HTML5.0 supports these Java technlogies in a better way.

The burden of CSS gets lesser using HTML5.0. The way we design few things in our website using other versions of HTML are little complex. using HTML5.0 like video tag and footer tag.

HTML5.0 brings professional look to website.It has many dynamic features. It supports all script languages.

HTML5.0 has many new syntactical features. These include the , , and integration of SVG content that replaces the uses of generic tags.All These features are designed to make it easy to include and handle multimedia and graphical content on the website

The another best feature of HTML5.0 is Automatic validation . This feature reduces the amount of scripting needed to create dynamic websites .The browsers can validate the users’ inputs.

I prefer HTML5.0 website designing and for web application development. The features which are included in HTML5.0  makes every body to navigate the website in a navie manner.

I appreciate the people who upgrade their technical knowledge and keep on upgrading themselves. I wish every one to Make use of HTML5.0

It is very easy to make of use of HTML5.0


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