Unique Ways to Celebrate New Year's World Citizens

One of the most common way is to turn on or watching fireworks. Some believe that off fireworks on New Year’s Eve to ensure that the coming year be filled with luck.

Variety of unique way of celebrating the new year

Another unique way to do most of the citizens in the countries in South America, like Brazil and Argentina, which is dressed in a certain color. Each color represents a certain expectation. The color yellow represents the hope that the coming year be filled with material fortune. The red color indicates that the user hopes to find love.

In the meantime, if you wish peace, then that person will be wearing white underwear. However, one New Year’s prevailing theme across borders, age and ethnic groups is feasted by one year to a brighter future. Related to the menu, this is different from country to country.

For some residents of northern Europe, cabbage symbolizes longevity. Most of the people of Spain and many Latin American countries have a tradition of eating 12 grapes, each grain is believed “guarantee” happiness every month on a year to come.

Meanwhile, some in South America believe that the black peas bring good things in the new year holiday. In contrast, most citizens do not rely Georgia chef for luck. They depend on the first pass through the doors of their homes after midnight – people who, theoretically, will bring good luck to them during the next year.

Snacking on sweets in the New Year’s Eve is another way to do some Georgia residents to ensure that 2012 be the year that sweet. Meanwhile, the majority of Brazilians through the end of the year to surf through the waves in order to ensure the coming year filled with luck. Or, if you do not live near the coast, they’ll charity.

Unlike the citizens of Brazil, most Filipinos have a tradition of eating round fruit that is believed to bring good luck. Some New Year’s tradition has nothing to do with luck.

In Denmark, the mountains of broken plate in front of the porch of the house showed that the home owner has many friends. In the country, society has a long tradition of throwing a plate at the front porch relatives / friends.

But to the residents who participated in the celebration of New Year late, there are many new traditions of their own making.This, for example, simple gatherings with family and friends, watch the ball drop in Times Square Field, New York, on TV, or just walk around the house.

Some again may just go to bed early so they have the energy on New Year’s Day. Meanwhile, others may be wearing clothes in the color according to mood and desires for 2012.

Whatever way you celebrate, Happy new year!

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