How a Newcomer Can Earn Through Ptc.

PTC means paid to click. It is an online business where the PTC site acts like a middle man between advertisers and the consumers. The PTC site you join gets paid by the advertisers for displaying his ads and you get paid for viewing it. It is that simple. The best thing about it is that you do not need any computer skills to earn through PTC. Will you be earning thousands of dollars through it? I am afraid not immediately, but if you have the patience and the perseverance you definitely can earn a few hundred dollars.

This article is for those newcomers who know nothing about PTC, but would like to earn something out of it. I was a new comer to PTC a few months back and I find it easy to spend about an hour before my PC to click ads. I am still not very proficient in it but I do not want to let this easiest way to earn through internet slip away. Even if you are in your sixties and have no knowledge about using computer, you can still earn money if only you study the basics of computer like the way I did.

I am going to tell the tottering steps I took so that those newcomers who want to earn some money can benefit from it.

What are the things you need for PTC?

1. A computer or laptop

2. Internet connection

3. A valid email address.

4. An ecommerce account

5. Patience

6. Perseverance

Do I have to pay to join PTC sites?

 No, it is absolutely free to join. You must join at least twenty legitimate sites but one word of caution. Most of these PTC site turn out to be scams. I have had a lot of bitter experience with certain sites. Just when I am nearing my cash out, the site will just disappear. I used to feel so depressed. Nowadays I do not bother, instead of the site that turned scam I add another site to my PTC list, so that I maintain the twenty sites level.

In order to earn you must click ads daily. Each ad pays you approximately $0.001 per click. The number of ads differs from site to site. One important thing is you can have only one account for a particular site. Your IP address will be saved in their database and if you maintain a multiple account, your account will be deleted. You should have a user name, anything, like mine is preekanna. You should also have a different password for different sites. Do not forget to log off after viewing ads.

Do not lose money by investing in dubious sites. If you want to earn through internet, but do not have any technical skill you can always join PTC sites which has a good reputation and it can be a good pocket money.

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