Residents Evacuated in Railroad

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The residents of flood victims in the village of Tanjung,Tanjung districtBrebes regency,Central Java, Indonesia was forced to flee the rail roadbecause until Monday (01.02.2012), their homes are still under waterFlood shit the village since three days ago.

A number of village residentsTanjung,Tanjung districtBrebesCentral Java,have been displaced in make shift railroadbecause their houses were submergedMonday (01/02/2012).

Residents make their owntent using make shift tarpRecorded about 25 heads of households staying in emergencytents.

They need not only food, and clothing,daily necessitiescleanwaterclothes,and more importantly is the continuation of their lives after the floods recedeRice fields, gardens and fields they would surely have been damaged by floodingMany citizens who eventually become poor because of scarcity of their lives,and the more miserable againeducation of childrenpost-floodtextbooksschool they must have been damaged.

These events often occur any where, after the flood, people are getting poorer.It takesthe help of the parties involved in this government. Government must be responsiveso that this issuere solved soonPoverty is not only a burden on societyit self, but the more severe a burden countries.If the pooris of course to meet the most basic necessities of life will be difficultsuch as food and clothing.

Floods in the Cape DistrictSunday (01/01/2011)in undated houses and rice fields in the village of SengonLuwung BataCape,TrengguliMunduKaranganyarSidakatonand Kemurang.Floods in undate villages in District Sejongwinged beanRungkangPrapagKiduland rice acreage in the Village Randusari.

In addition, the floods also in undated Cape pantura pathway sand hundreds of hectares of ponds in the village of winged bean.
Sengon Village Chief, District CapeHerdi Riyanto,said the broken levee on the river Kabuyutan occur at two locationsnamely in the Village Sengon and Kemukten, District KersanaBrebes. Levees breached in the Village Sengon up to 10 meters and two meterswhile in the village of Kemuktenbreached levees along the10 meters and a height of three meters.

The river Kabuyutan also abundantbecause of the short embankment,” he said.

According Herdidue to these conditionsapproximately 3125 homes, 170 acres of onion plants, and 100 hectares of rice crops and crops under waterLosses suffered by the community is estimated to reach 4.75acres.

According to himthe people desperately needed logistical helpbecause until now they have not been able to normal activityIn addition, residents also requested assistance of heavy equipment to repair the dike.

Mean whileflooding not only affects the Cape DistrictandSejongbut also two other districts in Brebesnamely Kersana and Banjarharjo.

Head of National UnityPoliticsand Public Protection BrebesRaisKhana,said the flooding occurred in the Village District Kersana Kramat Sampang and Limbanganwhile in District Banjarharjoflooding occurred in the Village Malahayu and Banjarharjo.

Overall, the number of houses flooded some 11,000 homes,with 40,000 in habitants.

Until nowthey claimed not get food aid from the government.“There was relief of instant noodlesbut from the party,said Raimah(57), residents who live in these camps.

Cape Village is one of15 villages in the flooded Brebes.The 15 villages are located in four districtsnamely the Cape DistrictLosariKersana,and Banjarharjo.

Floods caused by heavy rain fall,as well as the breakdown of three embankments of the riverthe River District Bancang at SejongCiapit river in Tanjung districtand rivers in the District of Cape Kabuyutan and Kersana.


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