Alli: A Real-Life Personal Review

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When the over the counter version of Xenical was approved by the FDA people all over the world thought this was going to be the answer to obesity. Obesity is still on the rise, so did Alli solve any weight problems?

Common Questions

1) Did I lose weight? Yes, I lost five pounds during the first week and two pounds during the second week.

2) Did I suffer “treatment effects” or side effects? Yes, I suffered from gas. The leakage described as a treatment effect is associated with overeating fat. I never ate more than a couple of grams of fat per meal.

3) What diet changes did I make? I ate more green foods and less meat products. The majority of my protein came from liquid protein supplements.

4) How long did I take Alli? Two weeks.

Alli is a drug that reduces the amount of fat absorbed through the intestine. The drug is offered over the counter and retails for anywhere from $25.00 to more than $50.00 a month. The first weight loss drug to be approved for over the counter use, this watered down version of Xenical does nothing but scare the user into eating less fat.

The Basics

Alli works by trapping the fat eaten in a meal and moving it out of the intestine without being absorbed. The process of trapping entails a process that can be difficult on the gastrointestinal system. As per Alli suggestions, the user is not supposed to eat more than 15 grams of fat per meal and for good reason. If the user eats more than 15 grams of fat, they can suffer from any of the following side effects (called treatment effects):

• Gas with oily spotting

• Loose stools

• Frequent stools that are hard to control

Using Alli

Alli is simple to use. The pill case is small enough to fit in the palm of the hand, but is not childproof. One to two pills are taken before a meal.

The Cost of the Alli Plan

The Alli plan is one of the most expensive over the counter weight loss aids. According to Alli, you will have to continue using the pills even after the weight loss is complete in order to maintain the loss.

Pros of Using Alli

The myAlli site is wonderful. There is an answer to every question and Alli users get an all access code inside their Alli starter kit. The blogging community is strong and supportive. The models used on the myAlli site are real women and real men. That makes a person trying to lose weight feel better about themselves.

Cons of Using Alli

Fright! The major con is the fear that a label will misrepresent the fat content and you will go to the bathroom, number 2, in your pants while driving to the store. While using Alli, I managed to lose 10 pounds in 2 days due to the overall fear to eat.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Alli is perfect for the right person. I was not that person. The fear involved in eating within such strict guidelines for an extra few pounds of weight loss was not a huge benefit for me. For people who can maintain a constant count of their fat grams, the product may work wonders.

Life After Alli

After I stopped taking Alli, I was able to continue on the same diet with ease. Alli does not make you less hungry or help you to eat less; it simply absorbs a small portion of the fat before it can be digested.


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