Vienna In Austria Is Known For Its History, Art, Music And Culture

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Vienna Austria is famous for its art, culture and musical talent. Some of the world’s best composers came from this city along with the famous Professor Freud, the dream interpreter. For this reason it is known as the city of dreams. It is common for International Organizations such as The United Nations and OPEC to gather here and have talks. The Historical Centre contains many lovely landmarks worth your time including gorgeous gardens and castles.

Vienna is the well known capital city in Austria. It sits by the blue Danube River, which also flows through its neighboring countries. One fourth of the whole population of Austria lives and works in Vienna. Its national flag is one of the oldest flags in the history of the world and goes back to the time of the crusades.

This bustling town has brought forth many famous musical composers. Brahms and Beethoven, Strauss and Mozart all came from or came here to study and work on music. Vienna’s heart and soul will always be a part of these composers who gave us such lovely music.

The Imperial Palace or Hofburg was in the beginning a medieval castle. Then later it turned into the grandiose palace of the Habsburgs family rule. Now it’s a National Library and has many interesting items on display. One of a kind musical instruments and ancient weapons are some of the things you can see as well as the largest emerald in the world weighing in at 2860 carats. Check out the Chapel on Sundays where you can hear the famous Vienna Boys Choir sing.

A must see is the Danube Tower. Better known by the locals as the concrete tower, it stands a towering 352 meters tall. At the top is a rotating restaurant where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city while trying out the local Austrian food. The few daring folks will like to try the tower bungee jump, which is the highest bungee center in the whole world.

The Schonbrunn palace’s story goes back in time to when Austria was ruled by the Habsburgs and then later taken over by the Emperor Franz Joseph. The Emperor lived there his last days and when he died it was delivered to the new republic. A must see room inside is the one where Mozart himself played piano for the Empress. It is filled with beautiful fresco ceilings and grand chandeliers.

The castle is also beautiful outdoors sporting a park nearby and a lovely garden. In the garden you will find a pasture, an orchard, and a hut. A palm house with three different climate controls grows clippings from different rain forests all over the world. It has 1440 rooms altogether so a rest in the garden may be just what you need. You will love taking part in all the Austrian history you can find here.

Vienna Austria is a town famous for its art, culture and musical talent. It may take a few visits to take it all in. There is always something new to see every time you are there. From the historical castles and museums to the stunning architecture you are bound to find something you love in this city.


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