Is Acai an Effective Weight Loss Ingredient or Supplement?

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Too many consumers trust what they read on a supplement website. Acai is one of the strongest antioxidants found in fruit form, but it is not the miracle ingredient that supplement companies want dieters to believe it to be. What is the truth behind acai berry?

Everywhere you turn there is a new and exciting weight loss supplement with the main ingredient acai. Acai is a fruit with strong antioxidant properties. Antioxidants fight free radical damage, but supplement companies claim acai does much more than fight free radical damage. Is there any truth to the claims that acai burns fat and cleanses the body?

The Truth About Antioxidants and Fat Burn

Antioxidants like acai berry, green tea and other superfoods fight free radicals. Free radicals are essentially radical cells that escape healthy cells when oxygen is converted to water. These free radicals take over healthy cells; turning those healthy cells into reproduction factories. After cell health is depleted by the free radical, the cell dies and the new free radicals take over healthy cells and the process continues. 

Supplements with acai may help fight free radicals by stopping the reproductive process and supporting cellular health. But, this does not have a fat burning or thermogenic effect. Acai berry does not promote weight loss or increase the amount of fat the body burns. 

Do Antioxidants Cleanse the Body?

Another popular supplement that includes acai is the cleanser. Cleansers work to increase bowel movements to fight occasional constipation, but they are also marketed as weight loss products. There is no evidence that acai berry increases bowel movements or has a laxative effect. These products typically contain other ingredients like senna and cascara sagrada, natural laxatives that do all the work. 

Acai berry is a healthy addition to nearly every diet, but dieters need to understand that companies are trying to use the popularity of acai berry to promote products. Acai berry will not increase weight loss or help relieve constipation. It will, however, decrease the negative effects of free radicals and help reduce the signs of aging associated with cell death. Weight loss and increased metabolism can also increase free radical production, so acai berry keeps the body running on all cylinders while you are losing weight. 


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