Temple Run Review

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In the movie “Indiana Jones” you see the hero escape from a temple after stealing some treasure.  The only problem is that there are many booby traps and obstacles that try to stop him. 

Temple Run is just like this.  Temple Run is a iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch game that you can get for free in the Apple App store.  The game has great reviews and ratings so far. Temple Run starts off with a character that you control running away from monkey like creatures that are chasing you.  You must also jump over gaps in platform you are running on and slide under or hop over trees.  On top of all these obstacles, you also can collect coints along the way.  Coins get you new power ups and new characters.  Some power ups include double coins, tripple coins, invincibility and coin magnet.

Double and triple coins are pretty easy to guess what they do.  They make the value of coins worth more.  The coin magnet makes coins fly to you without you having to tilt to collect them.  However the best is the invincibility power up.  For a short amount of time, the runner is not affected by any trees, gaps or any obstacle.  The only thing you must do is swipe to turn.  Saving up for this is the smartest investment you can make in this game.

This game gets very intense because you progressivly get faster and faster making the game much harder to play after a while.  You always know that one small mistake could easily result in you falling to your death or getting attacked by those scary monsters after you.  For just a small game it requires a lot of focus in order to be succesful.  

The simple slide and tilt controls are easy to master after just a few minutes of play, but you will continue playing over and over to beat your high score.  Even though there are many automatic-runners already in the app store, this one is definitely a huge step up compared to the others.  What makes this game great is the fact that it is 3-D and not some boring 2-D game.  If you are bored of playing Angry Birds everyday, then you should pick up Temple Run.


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