Why Should Transferred to Gas Fuel?

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Chairman Hiswana Oil and Gas, Eri Purnomohadi, explained, if there is no control, fuel consumption will exceed the consumption of the 2011 state budget has been exceeded quota of 40.49 million kiloliters (KL). In fact, the government and House of Representatives has set a quota of subsidized fuel as many as 37.5 million KL.

“Just look at the growth of the motorcycle must be crazy. Association of motorcycle entrepreneur has raised its sales target, which means that fuel consumption will also increase,” said Eri Purnomohadi in Jakarta, Sunday, January 1, 2012.

According to ERI, if the government seriously curb the consumption of fuel subsidies, the government must immediately convert the fuel into the fuel gas (CNG) are cheaper. Employers are ready if ordered to build a CNG infrastructure in their retail outlets.

To build a CNG station, gas station business requires an investment of Rp1, 5 billion per pump. These investments to add piled tank and dispenser, since piled fuel tank can not be converted to CNG. “Conversion from gasoline to CNG takes 6 months to build the infrastructure,” he said.

Therefore, he asked the government to facilitate bank loans with competitive interest. Currently, the bank loan interest rates are still high, around 13 percent. “Indonesia’s most expensive flowers in ASEAN, 13 percent. Compare with Malaysia that only 6 percent,” he said.

He said the government should follow the seriousness of the Thai government that converts fuel into CNG. Thailand, he continued, the mother four years to build 400 stations (depots BBG) and now there are 2.5 million vehicles in Thailand using gas. “Indeed, this gas must have breakthrough from the government,” he said.

For the initial stage, he suggests starting from Jakarta. Currently, there are 700 gas stations in Jakarta and surrounding areas who are ready to be invested into CNG. With gas margins improve to Rp300-400 per liter equivalent premium (LSP), the entrepreneur is filling stations will not refuse.

“Imagine the savings in fuel subsidies, a million KL alone could save Rp 4 trillion,” he said.

Earlier, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said the government will not raise subsidized fuel prices. The President would prefer the option to control the volume of fuel subsidies be better targeted.

SBY will also use other means such as changing the fuel consumption of gas into fuel subsidies in order to save more. “The use of energy is less precise, katankanlah extravagant, we will make sure the right time,” he explained.

With the use of CNG, the government considers such fuel would be better for the environment. Yudhoyono has pledged to continue working so that the State Budget (Budget) to be more healthy.


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