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RESOLUTION is the target that we will achieve during the year. Resolutions such as the corridor to the steps we go through life so clearly in the direction of the goal. In other words, we are not swayed like a ship that ran out of fuel on the high seas.

To make resolutions actually do not need to wait for the beginning of the New Year. However, for most people, New Year is the most appropriate moment for reflection and make the resolution. The moment could be the starting point for running after targets we have set.

Meaning of Resolution

Under the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), said the resolution is translated as re-so-lu-si / resolutions / decisions or demands which are determined in the meeting (meetings, siding); written statement, usually containing the demands of a thing or meeting finally issued a which will be filed. Simply put, the meaning of the resolution we can use to infer expectations, goals, and concrete things that we will achieve next year. For example, can get an A on the exam, got an internship opportunity in the bona fide office, moving residence, complete the thesis, debt free, save money, buy a bike, got a job, or it could be a girlfriend.

Many people make resolutions every New Year with a variety of reasons. For those of you who want career advancement in 2012, made a resolution to it is no less important. However, there are strategies to achieve such resolution. To be able to realize the maximum resolution, consider the number of the following tips:


Many people are so motivated to make a variety of New Year’s resolution. But when that moment passed they became lazy and lackluster run. Instead, consider the resolution that you made carefully and write down all the answers to questions like what would you do, what steps should be taken throughout the year, and how the achievement of such resolution can make your career grow better than the previous year ?

The purpose of micro

Many theories about how to create goals. Diajurkan One approach is “smart”. Hmm, what is a “smart”? The word “smart” is the acronym of the specific (specific), measurable (measurable), irrelevant (relevant), and time-bound (time-bound). For example, instead of making a resolution to “change careers” that sounded dreamily, it’s better to design something that is more defined, concrete and can be managed just like reading 10 books to get in-depth information in the field of marketing.

List of priorities

In the midst of various activities that keep us busy and have little time to do this and that, one way to keep your career resolution can be achieved is by making a list of priority tasks contain things that should be done every week. Although the final destination does not match the specified deadline, you must continue to specify what actions to take in the list until you make it.


However, the career that you live is something that will take place in the marathon. So, keep the momentum by celebrating small successes that you achieve success along the way. For example by going out for drinks with friends or indulge in a brief vacation. Can also be a spa treatment.

Friends and family

Tell friends, family, or couples on the resolution of your career. Tell them about how strong your desire to achieve such resolution. Then, ask for help loved ones to give a warning when you start slipping from a predefined path to achieve such resolution. Ask for their help in achieving the commitments that have been made for the sake of career advancement.


Consequences are the results to be acceptable for your hard work. The consequence here is about the consistency you in carrying out the resolution. If you are consistent, then the result will be optimal. But if you’re not consistent, it is definitely a consequence of failure to be accepted. Then think about all the career development that will be achieved if you keep consistent run that resolution.

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