Barack Obama relaxes trade to Cuba

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Barack Obama has decided to allow Cuban Americans to visit and to transfer unlimited funds to Cuba. Already in early March, the new Administration had announced an easing of travel restrictions for Cuban Americans and on financial transfers to the island Castro.

During the American presidential election last November, a reversal occurred in the population of Cuban origin: the majority of them voted for Obama, while this population was for decades rather sensitive to the speech of the Party republican. These are mainly young people in the second generation seem to have freed of allegiance to the Republicans.

During his campaign, Democratic candidate announced a milestone in relations with the southern continent. The indifference of the Bush administration for the region has left leaders in South America but has allowed connections, including a convergence of views on Cuba. All have diplomatic relations with the island, even the famous Colombia yet deeply aligned with the positions of Washington. And all expressed their understanding to the exclusion of Cuba from the regional forums.

Window of opportunity

The idea of a shift in Cuba policy of the United States made its way for some months. The ineffectiveness of the embargo is recognized by all. Richard Lugar, Republican senator, published on 23 February, a report assessing the results of fifty years of embargo. The senator believed that the whole of American policy should be revised and that the isolation of Havana had not been able to consolidate the objectives of Washington, in full, the overthrow of the Castro.

Some even believe that the embargo only strengthens the power Castro, who took refuge behind the isolation to justify the problems of everyday life of the Cuban population.

The announcement of the U.S. Administration drops to a few days of the Summit of the Americas must meet in Trinidad over the weekend all the Heads of State of the American continent. “The new American administration should use this window of opportunity to mark a change from the Bush administration, analysis Kourliandski Jean-Jacques, a researcher at the Institute of International and Strategic Research. The margin for maneuver is narrow and the expectation of South America is strong. One of the topics expected to dominate the summit will be relations with Cuba. ”

Last December in Brazil, one of the UNASUR summit brought together all the Heads of State of South America, including Raul Castro. No one from Washington had been invited.


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