Doctor Who – Planet of the Dead Review

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I love The Doctor. I love David Tennant. And I love Doctor Who.

Planet of the Dead was brilliant with the lovely nerdy scientist, Malcolm.  He was my favorite character besides The Doctor.  Never before have a loved a nerd so much.  The scenery of this episode also stood out.  The desert and sand made for a wonderful backdrop and setting for such a “dead” planet.  Where else do we get a chance to see the iconic London red bus stranded in the desert?

Granted, this wasn’t my favorite Doctor Who episode. The story was solid and good but nothing exceptional. I did like the new girl who seemed like she might bring some spice to The Doctor’s life since Rose is gone. Does he really want that?  Of course not but we love to watch it.

Russell T. Davies is a favorite writer of mine and I’m hoping he ends his writing run with a massively wonderful story. Hopefully the future holds more wonderful heart felt stories leading up to a brilliant conclusion for David Tennent.  The whole team really brought Doctor Who into the new century.

The heart wrenching part of watching David Tennant is knowing that his time is soon to pass.  I can’t even express how sad I will be when I watch his final moments as The Doctor.  I’m going to stock up on Kleenex, shut off everything that could be a distraction and cry my eyeballs out.  And love every second of it.

“He will knock four times.”  And with that, his ending approaches.


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