Natalee Holloway Movie

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Natalee Holloway Movie dot com is the on line source directing you to all the upcoming news regarding the premier of the Natalee Holloway Movie which will begin a month long feature on Lifetime Television. Read each and every article that has been submitted yet today regarding this movie. Read what the harsh critics are saying about this movie before it has even been seen by the nationwide audience. You will have an opportunity to hear how the actors felt while making this heart breaking movie and also the real life people will tell you how they felt watching their characters come alive in this feature movie.

Earlier this month there was a critical article written by the New York Post questioning whether this movie has been made too soon. At this point in time there still is not one shred of evidence regarding what really happened to this Alabama teen. How will the movie deal with a story that in reality has not been solved and only questions remain as to what happened. It will be very interesting to see how the movie deals with this aspect, whether they leave it up to the viewer to speculate on what might have happened to Natalee or whether they will jump to conclusions that in reality have not in any way been proven to be true.

Follow this story as it unfolds this week prior to the airing of the movie. Read the reviews and determine for yourself if a real life mystery is depicted fairly and accurately on television.


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