Top 10 Firefox Extensions

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As Mozilla Firefox matures it is becoming a serious contender in the browser market and it has some enticing incentives that “other” browser doesn’t: it’s open source, inherently more secure and highly customizable. There is a huge community supporting Firefox and developing extensions for it, of which there are literally thousands, but not all of them are worth while and some are even real garbage. Let’s take a peek at my top 10 pick:

  1. NoScript – The NoScript extension adds a layer of security to Firefox by blocking JavaScript by default, but makes it easy to white list the sites you trust. In addition to blocking JavaScript it can also block Java, SilverLight, Flash, iframes and more and help guard against cross-site scripting. It may be a bit of a techie tool for novices, but it is easily disabled and is pretty friendly with the default options, and so i’d recommend it to everyone.
  2. Controle de Scripts – You’ve got NoScript to deal with JavaScript security. Control de Scripts is about controlling JavaScript features. Don’t want to allow JavaScript to change images? Disable your context menus? Hide the address bar or toolbars? No problem! Advanced users may want to edit Firefox’s configuration files instead of installing this extension, but novices – and those who just want fast access to a few JS permissions – will appreciate this little goodie.
  3. Adblock Plus – The Adblock Plus extension has become so popular that there are probably people using Firefox because of this extension alone. It has also become quite the headache for advertisers, enough so that they’re working on ways to circumvent its blocking ability. Simply put, Adblock Plus gets rid of those annoying, in-your-face ads!
  4. All-in-One Sidebar – Inspired by Operas sidebar, All-in-One Sidebar adds a huge amount of functionality to Firefox by organizing and displaying content such as bookmarks, downloads, extensions and other features in a sidebar that can be toggled opened or closed with a click of the mouse or a hotkey.
  5. Googlebar Lite – This is much like the Google toolbar for various browsers, including Firefox, but a trimmed down version with less bloat. It’s purpose is to provide easy access and more power for searching with Google, including the ability to highlight your search words and easy access to other Google features such as searching for images, videos, etc..
  6. CustomizeGoogle – Want control over how Google tracks you? Would you like to stream your search results on a single page instead of having to click “next”? Don’t want to see the ads in your search results? Maybe you’d like to have links to other search engines for your query? CustomizeGoogle does all this and much more.
  7. Tab Mix Lite CE – [non-english authors web site here] Tab Mix Lite CE adds allot of useful features for tabbed browsing, including options for dealing with JavaScript pop-ups, how to open tabs and what to do when tabs are closed, as well as some options for customizing the look of tabs. Tab Mix Lite CE is much like Tab Mix Plus, but without the added features that many do not want or use, such as a session manager which Firefox already includes by default.
  8. DownloadHelper – DownloadHelper is probably the most popular extension for downloading embedded videos from YouTube, Google and every other web site i have ever thrown at it. It does more than that though; having some of the basic functionality of DownThemAll, it can also download all of a particular file type on a page, such as all JPG, MP3, PDF or other files. With an additional add-on, DownloadHelper can also convert videos as they’re downloaded.
  9. NewsFox – Hands down, NewsFox is the best news feed reader out there right now. The layout is well thought out, it’s easy to use and it simply works.
  10. Yet Another Smooth Scrolling – This often overlooked little gem makes mouse and, optionally, keyboard scrolling silky smooth! And it’s very configurable.

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