Some Easy Ways to Manifest Money

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If you watched ‘The Secretir?t ‘ then you’re probably convinced that the Law of Attraction is real and it does work. But you might be wondering what you’re doing wrong since you can manifest pocket change, and maybe a free cup of coffee at Starbucks, or maybe even a 5 dollar bill on the floor of the supermarket, but you’re having trouble stepping it up to anything life altering. Keep reading for a few pointers.

Keep increasing your awareness. My new theory is this:

Your ability to manifest your desires is directly proportionate to the amount of awareness you possess.

Try to notice when you’re saying negative words, or thinking negative thoughts and repeat them immediately in a positive and affirming way. You’re attracting those negative things to yourself, instead of great things that you might still believe you don’t deserve or you can’t have. We all deserve everything we ever wanted and more. It’s a matter of working with our own personalities and energy flows to figure out how to attract those things.

To manifest money you must be specific with money. You must create and design affirmations about money and financial abundance. As often as you can think of it, say out loud, or to yourself, ‘I am a money magnet. I deserve financial abundance. I am now attracting all of my wildest desires. There is more than enough money for everyone, including me.’ These phrases and sentences will pick your energy vibrations up to a higher level, plus help to re-train your brain to think and live within an abundant lifestyle. This also helps you to be alert to any new opportunities which come your way. Let’s face it. A million dollars is probably not going to show up in a suitcase on your porch, unless you get into some really shady stuff. You’re probably going to have to make some kind of moves in order to create that million dollars, so you’re going to want your brain to be ready to pick up on the clues.

Once you begin attracting abundance in small ways, it will become easier to appreciate, have gratitude, and attract things which YOU see as larger and more important. Don’t forget, it’s all the same to the universe. It’s you who believes you are allowed to attract a new car, but certainly not a new Porsche. Money is money to the universe, and abundance comes in all sorts of ways.

This is a good one. This is the one that’s working for me. I have read and read about the Law of Attraction and I know that negative begets more negative, and positive vibration brings abundance. What I was missing was the worrying. I can say a hundred times a day, ‘I am a money magnet,’ but I was still worrying and fretting about paying the bills, fixing the car, buying food, etc. Until I realized that the subconscious worrying wasn’t helping my cause one bit. It’s difficult to go that deep into your lifelong thought patterns and release deeply embedded energy blocks, unless you can talk Louise Hay into squeezing you into one of her sessions, and you both go back to your childhood and pinpoint an experience that created this way of life for you. So instead of trying to trick myself OUT of worrying about money, I decided to start worrying about the opposite.

Now I worry about what the heck I’m going to do with all this money. Each time I catch myself worrying, I switch the target of what I’m worrying about. I’ve decided that my accountant will be really upset with me since I bought a Porsche for every day of the week, instead of just the one that we budgeted. I also wonder how I’m going to keep all these expenses straight, since I have so much money, I really don’t want people taking advantage of me. I grew up poor, so I’m not entirely sure I know how to manage all this money. I am so worried that I might now hire the right people to keep track of all these trips, cars, houses and jets that I now own.

See what I mean!!! And ooh is it working!!

In order to manifest money, you have to figure out your own personal relationship with money and tweak it. Figure out how you feel about money, if you have any dark and deeply embedded opinions or reactions toward money, or if you’ve learned a certain thought pattern regarding money. Increase your awareness, recite money affirmations, and if you’re a worrier, just start worrying about what the heck you’re going to do with all this money!!

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