Loving you across the miles

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Loving you across the miles

Loving you across the miles defines a true test of spirit and will.
Through the good times and the bad, I will be standing there by you!

And I feel it, I feel my new dawn begins to wake from across the land over the horizon. Would you even care that I am feeling this today?

Where will you be gone, when I draw this distance a few feet shorter? Will you have time for me tomorrow, when I find a way to free this sorrow.

Yes! your heart, responds! with every ray of charm and new day light. As I raise to the calling. Your voice vibrates among the thin air and calls my strength and my feet move my body slow to gain ground.

Across the plane, the wind chimes this melody and tone. Don’t try to tell me I am not your type. I don’t know what it is but I can’t resist you and the thought of your warmth, makes me weak with desire. I can’t hardly breath. I mean to say no but I don’t know how!

Loving you from across the miles, I yearn to thee and if from fatigue I may fall, the thought of your sweet embrace rises me back to my feet, beneath the scorching sun.

I see the heavens each time you smile, looking at the sky all I can do is close my eyes and imagine you so. In the quite serine sound of the wind I find myself taken by surprise, looking at your eyes beneath the sparkling stars. I want to love you for ever!

Jonathan 10/04/04


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