Amy Winehouse Send’s Record Bosses Ape!

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Celebrity is a double edged sword, and too many people find this out the hard way. Amy Winehouse is a talented singer and a drug addict; a combination that is not only dangerous for her, but that also keeps her troubles in the limelight.

From what has been revealed by family and friends, it would seem that Amy Winehouse doesn’t deal well with emotional issues, and she has often chosen to be friends with people who are not emotionally supportive. Drug abuse, drinking, and eating disorders seem too often to be the way that she and those she surrounds herself with deal with both happy and stressful times.

The talented British pop star has been in the news repeatedly because of her drug use and unusual antics. At one point she was hospitalized for a suspected drug overdose only a few hours after being nominated for a Grammy. Her family has stated at times that they hope she’ll finally get the help that she needs.

Amy is currently back in St Lucia working on her third album. Apparently Amy had agreed to work with Gorillaz and her record company went ape after shelling out a fortune to pay for Amy’s return trip to the Caribbean, thinking it would help focus her mind. Instead of going into the studio with producer Salaam Remi who masterminded her debut album Frank, she has been trying out stuff with Damon Albarn and his band Gorilla.


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