Initial Photo Shoot

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SCHEDULED- (Date of photo shoot)

LOCATION- (Location of photo shoot)


The photo shoot is essentially what is referred to within the industry as a “Trade for prints” shoot.
Your base portfolio (agent shots) will be incorporated as well as a short series of your choosing.
Posing guidance will be given and a private dressing room is available for your use.
Equipment used will include _______ digital camera with various combinations of studio lighting effects and lenses. Minor props are available to assist in the posing decisions.
All images are digital and your “prints” will consist of a CD-ROM that will allow you to select images that you would like to have printed. The CD-ROM will be available approximately one week from the day of the shoot. Any prints you select can be obtained from virtually any commercial photo-lab, anywhere in the world. Photographer will not be providing any actual “paper” prints and the cost of any printing is solely born by you.

Your photographs will be added to the photographer’s portfolio and there may be an opportunity for the photographer to incorporate, publish or display these photos in the future. The “General Model Release” states that the photographer owns the copyrights to the photos and may utilize them any way that he/she needs to and you can also use the photographs for any requirement you may have.

It is hoped that this series of photos will be beneficial in exploring a modeling career and should the need arise in the future for additional photographs, I certainly hope that you will allow me to give you a price quotation for any additional shoots that you may need.

If any questions should arise between now and the time of the shoot, please feel free to contact me.

Best Regards,
(Photographer’s name)

(Photographer’s name, address & phone number)

Agreed to on this day_________________________________

(Model’s legal name)_________________________________

(Photographer’s name)_________________________________


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