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Ok here’s the deal I was interested in finding some quick an easy way to bring in some extra cash to save for a car that I had been looking at. I heard that one of my friends was making quit a bit of money online doing surveys for money from anywhere of 0.50 to 15dollars per survey. I was quit skeptical at first hearing all the scams that were out there in online marking. But there are real companys out there that wont to now what you think an will pay you for your opinion. My friend showed me actual check that he received from doing these surveys. So I decided to give it a try I joined a few paid survey websites. The first was an it was free an easy all I did was pick out a survey that I was interested in an I got paid for doing it an you only do the ones you wont an it tell you the amount that they will pay for the completion of the survey. I got $5 just for signing up, and you get paid for referring other and when they refer people you make money from them. It’s really easy and doesn’t cost you a penny. You can sign up on different websites to maximize your income. Just make sure its  legit.

Research it to make sure. If you haft to pay a flat fee to register its probably a scam, if they say you can make $75-$100dollars an hour it’s probably too good to be true. The more you read the likely hood of you beings scammed will diminish greatly. Just remember the more resources you have the more money you will make. Soon you will be invited to partake in focus groups an get paid for doing them, an sign up for phone survey as well there money in that too. There are also prizes you can win; most people don’t participate in so the chances of you winning are greater.  If you don’t make that much at first don’t be discouraged. With time you will be making the big bucks just takes practice an a little work. It’s not that hard so get out there and start making money now;)


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