The Nature of Beauty

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Real beauty is not just skin deep. Real beauty is the essence of life and joy, being anything that brings you pleasure, happiness, and inspiration, not just a pleasant facade. Beauty is what pleases, what makes you happy. Beauty is the perception of goodness in the world around us. Seeing a thing of beauty brightens your day, being a thing of beauty makes you a living blessing to those who meet you.

Beauty is meant to be savoured, taken in by all the senses. Never hide or conceal beauty, never keep others from the joy beauty brings. Beauty is God’s gift, the surest sign of God’s Presence in the universe. Covering up a thing of beauty, stopping people from having that joy in their life, is a crime against God’s creation. Forcing someone to conceal their glory is oppression, not modesty or morality. Censoring, marring, or concealing beauty is a sin, a crime against God and the universe.

Beauty moves the soul, stirs the blood, and ignites the mind. It lifts up the mundane and brings the ordinary in touch with the divinity hidden within it. Beauty can be found everywhere if you look for it. You can find it in a lover’s face, a child’s laughter, a rainbow, the smell of a rose, the touch of silk, the art of an old master, the song of bird, a home-cooked meal, and a job well done. Look for beauty in everything. You will know you have found beauty when something makes you smile and raises your mood.

The highest form of beauty is found in action, not just appearance. A noble deed that makes the world a better place, that brings joy and happiness, is a thing of beauty. Whether it is buying food for the homeless, making a lover orgasm, helping a friend move to a new house, or making your children feel loved, giving of yourself to make others happy is a thing of beauty…


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