How to Play Golf for Less

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You love playing golf but in these tight times you have to save money.  This article wil show you how.

Check out the websites of your local golf courses.  Many have email lists that you can sign up for to receive notification of cheaper tee times. 

Book your tee times online.  Some courses offer discounts when the tee time is booked online.  Next time you are about to pick up the phone and call the golf pro, look online instead.

Play at public courses.  There are three types of courses, maintained by the municipality the quality of the courses may vary, some of beautifuly. 

Avoid country club courses and private courses that are open to the public.  These will have more expensive tee times.  But again, get on the mailing list for private courses and check the web pages, you may find deals for cheaper tee times. 

Walk the course.  You can avoid the cost of golf cart rental.  buy a walking golf bag. These usually weigh less than 5 or 6 pounds, they have legs that pop out like a stand when you put them down, they will have two shoulder straps (like a backpack). You can find TaylorMade walking bags and others for less than 100.00.  See more information about lightening your golf bag when walking at this website: 

Avoid the busy tee times.  Typically, courses are busier throughout the morning hours.  Get used to playing later in the day.  Ask for cheaper tee times are after 1pm in the autumn, winter and spring.  In the summer you may be able to play as late as 3pm or 3:30pm.   


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