Being happy with what you have

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I don’t know if it’s me or if it’s how things really are. I have been thinking alot lately about different ways we can save money, I see some people spending and spending and spending like there is no tomorrow.

alot of us need to get back to the basics, when things where simple. Don’t get me wrong Im not saying we can’t have things Im just saying we should learn to live within our means.

I am always hearing stories of people who are older than me saying the kinds of things that they used to do when they where kids for fun. When I hear these stories you can see that sparkle in their eyes they remeber the good times, now they didnt have any of the things that we have today vidoe games, cell phones , ipods, and whatever else is out there now because Im sure by the time I publish this there will be something new out there. Anyway they did not have all this stuff and many of them were very very happy. So why is it today people are buying and getting all this stuff and alot of them still seem really unhappy. HMM think about it for a minute.

I think that this generation and the generation to come can really stand to learn from one who were before us. I mean when you think about it they were just as happy if not happier without all these gadgets and what have you. I really think that before we run out and buy the latest whatever it is stop and think just for a minute do you really need it. Think of how much money you could save!


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