Budapest-the pearl of the Danube

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Budapest, the capital of Hungary is the pearl of the Danube, the city with two faces, the “Danubian Queen”, the rival of Vienna or simply the city you fall in love with. For many Europeans, Budapest this mixture from old medieval spirit and nowadays metropolis is just a city with beauty and enchantment. The city which lives with the pulse of the river Danube and with the rhythm of its rebellious temperament is beautifully situated onto both banks of the river where the Danube meets the big plain offering one of the most splendid sceneries in Europe. Budapest is in the List of UNESCO World Heritage.

Proud as a queen Budapest offers a lot to its visitors. If you stay on the side of Buda you can see the hill with the palace. This area is like a fairytale and here one can find all the symbols of the city: the neo-gothic cathedral “St. Matthias”(13th c.), cobblestone streets, the famous Fishermen`s Bastion with a decorative role. From this place one can see Pest very well. Here, in Pest, is the neo-gothic building of the Parliament from the 19th c. Pest is famous as an educational and cultural center with lots of museums and collections. Obuda is the third part of the today city of Budapest. In this quarter one can see the amphitheaters and the aqueduct since the Roman Age.

Although the first settlement Ak Ink (meaning: stream) has been built here from the celts (1c.BC), the real history of Budapest starts in 1873 when the hilly residential Buda quarter connects with the industrial plain quarter Pest and the small quarter Obuda. The new settlement was a city first called Pest-Buda and later on Budapest.

The city is very easy for orientation because all the sight-seeings are situated along the Danube. Walks on the river bridges, on the central streets “Vatsi” and “Rakotsi” are such a pleasure for the tourists. The city parks are another place for recreation-especially the park near Pest. In the past it was a place for riding today it is a place for different entertainments. Very popular for recreation is the Margaret Island, too. The Budapest Zoo is a lovely place for people from all ages.


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