how to connect to xbox live without wireless adaptor

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hello this is my first article on bukisa so please tell me if u found it usefull , right , to start your going to need your laptop ! oh and a wire less router !  ( this can be anywere in the house) on your laptop go onto the start menu and click on network , then click the network and sharing center tab at the top of the network screen ,this opens in a new window , on the network and sharing center window on the left hand side ther is a link for manage network settings once this window opens u need to have a internet connection wire witch should come with ur x box 360 anyway , plug this into the port at the back of your x box and the port in your laptop

on the network settings window it should come up with 2 conections , your wireless and the wire you have just pluged in . highlight both these connections and right click on the mouse , click the option called brigde connections and it should have a loading screen , after that has finised you are ready to rooll

thanks for reading . any problems please tell me and i will try to sort them out 😀

thanks again and hope it works 😀 it did for me

this is a great way to play online and it dosent cost u a penny of course unless u need to buy the internet cabel but they cant be much


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