Keywords with Staying Power

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We hear a lot about choosing popular keywords to sprinkle into our articles and how to utilize top Google keywords. It’s good advice, however…

Beware of keywords that are overly trendy. If we want our articles to have the staying power that creates residual income we need to stay topical and not engage in overly trendy topics and keywords.

An example of an overly trendy keword search is “Doug Pitt”. I looked on to learn what was the most searched keyword on a particular day. It was “Doug Pitt.” Since I’ve never heard of Doug Pitt, and it wouldn’t occur to me to search for him, I wondered what the fuss was about. Turns out, he’s Brad Pitt’s brother, and made a comment in the media about his brother’s Oscar nomination. Unless he does or says something else that is noteworthy, his keyword popularity is apt to last about 3 hours.

For articles to have staying power and yield residual income, we need hot search terms, but we also need terms that will have a longer shelf life.

Happy writing!


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