How to make a great looking layout

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How to make a great looking layout

Here I will introduce you to some simple steps that can make your letters and web pages look fantastic!
A great layout is all about contrast. When adding contrast to your site, letter, brochure etc. you will make it shine and your readers will find your layout eye catching.

1. Air and space
Always have plenty of space around the things you want people to notice. This makes it easy for your eyes to focus on the right object.

2. Use colors
These are great for making contrast and you can give your layout the mood you want with bright or dark colors. But remember you can get a great effect by using contrast colors.

3. Use different fonts
Pick out a cool font for your headline and an easy-to-read font for your text. Do not ever ever use Times New Roman or fonts like that. This will kill every good layout.

4. Size matters
Use a bigger size of letters for your headline and a smaller size for your plain text. Again this will ad contrast to your layout.

5. Fat or skinny?
Make sure that the text you want people to notice is bold (It can be a catchy headline or important info). All the other text must be plain.

Use a little extra time to figure out that 100% perfect headline. This is what catches the eye and make people read the rest. Use the 5 ways of making contrast to make this perfect headline catch the eye.

Put in a photo or two
Photos are always great for making a professional look. But be sure to use photos of high quality.

If you have some important information like a date, phone number or an announcement like “Only on sale now” you can make a box, circle, star (that looks like a sticker) to this info. This box must be eye catching -Use contrasts!

Do it Now!
Always remember to give an order in the end or on you “sticker”.
It can be “Join Now”, “Call Today” or whatever is suitable for your layout. The human brains respond positively to the orders.

At last…
Do not forget your cantact information! ;o)

Well that was quite a lot. But remember what I told you in the beginning air and space is important… If using all the above makes your layout look messy and crowded… then only use half!

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Most of the photos here is royalty free

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