Breaking up with someone respectfully

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Love hurts, like the song says. So be prepared for possible backlash and anger from this person. We’ve all probably been broken up at least once in our lives. So when breaking up with someone, try to put yourself in their shoes. Breaking up is not easy, especially if you really care for this person, but you feel it’s time to move on. It’s important to be sensitive to this persons needs and respectful. At the same time, you have a right to move on, if you so choose to do so. There’s no reason to stay stuck in a relationship, that isn’t making you happy anymore.

Remember to be strong when deciding to end a relationship.

Be honest with them but not hurtful. It’s going to be nearly impossible to not cause them any pain at all. But don’t dwell on everything they’ve done wrong to you. Tell them why it’s over in detail. Still say positive things about them too. They’re very fragile at this state of mind, it’s important to lift them up some. Don’t do it by saying you want to still be together. That leads to confusion. Try to be sensitive to what they are going through, when ending it.

Be calm. Don’t cry, yell, or make it worse than it is. Try to maintain being strong and calm with them. Yes, they might say some not so nice things. Remember, they are hurting. Lashing back out will just make things worse. If you really care for them, you don’t want to end things badly like that, right? Maybe one day you can at least be friends with that person.

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