Cowboys In Art!

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As an artist I have found inspiration in creating cowboy images that make dealing with

the current economic climate with determination and solid resolve.The image of

cowboys makes one believe in independent determination in the face of tough times.

Each image was created using watercolors or pen and ink.

They depict modern day cowboys participating in rodeo events.

Either riding bulls or horses, pictured at the critical moment  of the event.

You can feel the detail  and action in each image!

Each is available for purchase as an original or as a print. Some items are available on T-Shirts and other

products for use in the home or office.I am continuing the series.I am currently working on new

images that will be added to my online pages in the near future.I find the bronco rider is

most interesting in their attempt to control a bucking horse with sheer will power and grit.

I am working on a pen and ink image that depicts a rider determined not to be thrown by

a mount  stretching high in the air to dislodge the rider.It is always a challenge to draw in pen and ink

and get the right shading and detail to create a sense of color and light!

Once the image is complete as a sketch, I will paint it as a watercolor to add to the series of painting I have online.

Most of the original images are sized 11×17 on watercolor and sketch paper suitable for framing from the

online galleries.

I’d like to share these images.You can view them on line at the following sites:

Take a look and see if you become inspired by the images of the West!


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