The Dome Halifax Review

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Things to do In Halifax, NS

Popular Club named the Dome

Anyone seeking nightlife activities in the form of nightclubs in Halifax, Nova Scotia might want to check out the Dome on Argyle Street (downtown Halifax). The Dome or liquor dome is a popular nightspot for both tourists and locals alike.


View of the dancefloor

When does it open?

The club opens its doors around 10.30, but doesn’t particulary get full till around 1.a.m by which time there will probably be a line up outside.

What should I wear?

Casual clothes are fine, no dress code, even scruffs or badly dressed people seem to be allowed entry.

Some things to note:

  • Need ID (even if you’re 40)
  • No Dress Code
  • Drinks are around $5 a drink
  • No VIP area
  • Be careful with the glass that gets thrown about on the dancefloor *

Drinks menu & Beer on tap

Several beers on tap, however most tend to be local, I didn’t find any European beers on tap such as Stella Artois, or Heinken available, however these may be available in bottles.

Generally large list of spirits and other liquor, and one cocktail bar means that base is well covered, however don’t expect too lavish type martinis, also the bar tender seemed a bit clueless when quizzed over more advanced drink combinations…

Paris Hilton probably wouldn’t be seen there, however it doesn’t mean it isn’t fun if you have a few of you. Dancefloor can get crowded with rich Arabs and Indians all trying it on with next chick.

Girls should use causion when it comes to broken glass on the dancefloor, as it never gets cleaned up until the place closes.

Also attached to the Dome is Cheers.

Type and Genre of Music

The Dome favours Hip Hop, whereas Cheers plays a mix of dance and live music.

Closing time

The Dome closes at 3.30a.m.

*Could possibly cause injury


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