The Stormy of an Army Wife

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I meet and married my husband in 2001. We lived what I thought was a simple life we had two children at the time I stayed home and took care of the kids and the house, my husband was a truck driver and part-time in the army. He went one weekend a month and then two weeks during the summer for annual training. We were going about our lives when the unthinkable happened. Our world as we knew was about to be changed. I was at home taken care of the kids doing what I normally do during the day while my husband was on the road my daughter was receiving in home physically therapy for some medical problems that she had upon her therapist arrival she came to the house short of in a shock kind of state I asked her is she was ok she began to tell me becaue of course with two kids cartoons was the main thing on my tv anyway she told me that planes had flown into the world trade towers I had no idea of what was to come for our family our nation everything. While she was there I had switched over to a local channel because as everyone well knows that fateful day was broadcasting on every kind of media. After that day had passed and sometime had passed things sort of went back to normal. Some changes in our family dymacis had taken place with the passing of my beloved grandfather I wanted to be closer to my grandmother so we had agreed to take over the house that I had grown up in as my grandmother had owned the property. By this time I was pregrenant with our third child. We had just gotten moved and settled in, then I had our daughter sometime during the course of the time I was in the hospital my husband had gotten the call that his unit was activated to Iraq within two weeks he would have to leave and would be gone for a year. I had found out the news the day that I came home with our baby. I was devasted I did not know what I was going to do, with a drop of a dime I was going to be suddenly on my own left to care for three kids all under the age of 4. He served his time and thankfully made it home alive. Our lives have somewhat returned to noraml, he is now retired from both jobs and we now have 4 kids.


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