Where do they go?

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We are a society of both selfishness and helping others. We want the biggest and best of everything. High-tech cars, big houses and lots of money and name-brand clothing and accessories. Do you ever stop to think, “My car is ten years old, my house is fifty years old and I don’t have a dishwasher, but man, my life is good.”? Maybe, but most likely not often enough. Maybe I was naiive or maybe I was just ignorant, but until recently, it had never occured to me that there are homeless people in my own community. My town has a population of about 6,000 people. We have no homeless shelter and really no resourses for people who end up in a tough situation like the loss of a job and being kicked out of your apartment because you can’t afford it anymore. We need to take a step back and look at the big picture.

What would you do if you became homeless? You have absolutely nowhere to go, no family, no car to go to a shelter in a larger city and no food. All you can do is hope and pray that someone will have a heart and take you in or offer some food or semi-decent living conditions. We need to step in and do something. We need to be more sensitive to our communities to see when others are in need and share what we often take for granted, that they may need for survival. Even if you have absolutely nothing tangible to give, offer words of encouragement. Tell the people who are in these types of situations that you care about them and if you can do anything to help them, you’re there. Often time is one of the best gifts of all.

I hope you will take this to heart and begin to see the harsh reality of what is happening in our society and say “I’m going to do something about it.”


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