Deciding on the Perfect Room Color Schemes

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When you start thinking about redecorating or repainting the rooms in your home, it is important to also think about the perfect room color schemes. It’s nice if you like hot pink, but how will this room color scheme affect your mood, what other colors go nicely with hot pink, have you taken the colors in your furniture into consideration, and have you taken into consideration how this color will affect the way your rooms look?

First thing you’ll want to do is find a website or a book, and do some study of Feng Shui. Colors have associations that can affect our moods, our energy level, how we think, and our ability to help manifest and create our own inner desires. If you are experiencing health problems, anger management issues, or lack of money or other desires, choosing an appropriate room color scheme based on Feng Shui can really turn things around for you.

If you have a piece of furniture, curtains, or a favorite pillow that you absolutely cannot part with, try to choose a room color scheme that fits well with the patterns or colors in your favorite item. You can also take the color meanings and energies into consideration when you select your room color scheme. That selection would give you the best of both worlds.

Once you’ve done any necessary research and you’ve got an idea of the room color schemes you might like to go with, go to the paint store and start looking at the paint samples or chips, and compare and contrast your color selections. You’ll probably want to choose a light, medium and dark. One of the most common patterns to follow is using light colors for walls, medium shades for furniture, and dark colors for your accessories. This will really make your room color schemes work well for you.

The last quick reminder has to do with room proportions. Lighter room color schemes will make a room seem larger, while darker room color schemes will draw objects in. For a large room, you could get away with painting the walls a darker color, but you’ll probably want to stick with the light walls, medium furniture, dark accessories example from above. Here’s a tip! I once painted only the ceiling of my bedroom. The walls were left white and I painted the ceiling a funky and fun color. I had many compliments that it made the room seem larger. It was definitely a fun room color scheme for my house!


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