How to earn your living from Bukisa?

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Hi, friends.
Everyday we come across a number of sites on the web that boast of earning you thousands of dollars just by doing nothing. I have been a victim of such scam sites as I was a newcomer in the world of web-surfing. A lot of sites are there that are not genuine and ask you to register with your vital data about your e-mail ID, password, bank account or paypal account. These sites use your information to do fraudulent acts.
After so many days, I could find this site which provides us an opportunity to earn by posting articles that we have written and the amount we earn depends on how many views our article has received. This site gives us the option to write on article of our choice and post them quite easily which receives good number of impressions. At the moment, this site is giving 3.42 dollars for every 1000 impressions we receive. You have to write each article of 300+ words and post it. Soon, you will see your earnings going up.
The trick behind such a site is that the more you post the more you earn. For example, if you post 10 articles and your articles receive impressions at a rate of 1 impression for each article each day. Then, you earn 3.42 dollars in 100 days. But, if you have 100 articles and at the similar rate of impressions you can reach this amount in 10 days!!
The articles posted on this site receive good number of impressions each day and surely you will earn good amount of money. Also, you can increase your earnings on this site by referring friends and receive a percentage of their earnings as your referral money.

It is very much feasible to earn hundreds of dollars from this site. So why just wait for just join in and start earning from it.

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