How to entertain using spare change you saved

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Start by using a jar, Tupperware bowl, or any container that can hold a lot of change.

Every time you make a purchase using cash, save the change that you get back and throw it in your jar. I only save nickels, dimes, quarters, and up; I keep my pennies separate because they take up to much room, and it takes so many too add up to anything. Save your change until it accumulates for at least six months. Whenever you decide that you want to use your change to have some fun, it’s time to count what you have saved. I get change rollers from by bank because most banks will give them to you free. If not, your neighborhood dollar store usually sells them by the pack for a buck.

I start by separating my change; nickels from dimes, and dimes from quarters, and so forth. Next, put all your quarters in piles of ten dollars because that how much money a quarter wrapper holds. After you have rolled up all your quarters, count and put your dimes in five dollar piles; each dime wrapper holds five dollars. Now its time for nickels; put these in two dollar piles because nickel wrappers only hold two bucks. You will probably have fewer nickels than other change because we get fewer nickels back in change than any other denominations. Finally, its time to count your money, in a six month period I have usually saved about, $200.00 to $250.00 in spare change. You can take your rolled up change to your bank and exchange it for paper currency. Now its time to have some fun; if you have kid’s like me, I allow them to be part of how we are going to spend this money. If you live close to a big city like me, you can check in to a really nice hotel for around $150.00 a night and have a great time using the amenities they offer.

If you live near an amusement park, this money can pay for admission, food, and games for two or more people. On one occasion my two daughters and I rented a limo for an hour for $100.00 ate dinner at a very nice restaurant, tipped the limo driver $20.00 and still had $10.00 left. These are just a few examples how you can use spare change to have a great time, there are so many options to choose from and the best part is you did it with only change!


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