Fight For Animal Rights!

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Statement of Animal Rights requires the creation of a stringent law to ban animal testing and control the animal population without euthanasia. It involves protecting all animals from cruelty, carelessness and sick jokes, as well as from irresponsible and ignorant people.


Millions of animals are dying senseless deaths because human beings, the so-called “cerebral” species, are too irresponsible and ignorant to take account for their actions. Stray animals are accidentally killed either by car accidents, wild animals preying on them, or sick jokes from sick people. Animal shelters are euthanizing millions of animals every year because there isn’t any place for them to go. Also, in scientific laboratory experiments, millions of animals are being tortured and killed during animal testing. Is all this necessary?

Already, many people, including celebrities, are pursuing this issue. But obviously, they, alone, as noted by the media, cannot solve this problem. Although this problem has improved from past situations due to a large number of animal lovers and activists, it still continues to be a never-ending problem that requires a powerful authority to put an end to this tragedy created by ignorant, irresponsible individuals. ONLY YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! SOCIETY URGES YOUR HELP! Most people don’t have the power to exert that kind of force on many ignorant, lazy individuals in our society. They can only educate, demonstrate and set examples to display such tragedy to the public. These actions are obviously not enough. But a more powerful force, that is much stronger, is obviously needed, and therefore, can result in major improvements.

Irresponsibility and ignorance are the main reasons for the excess of unwanted animals. Most ignorant, problem-makers tend to be from low socio-economic backgrounds, as well as from some ethnic backgrounds. I propose the following actions in order to control the animal popular.

  • Extensively and intensively educating society on this issue.
  • Rewarding responsible, educated and thoughtful individuals for the work that they contribute to society in an attempt to solve this problem.
  • The excess of unwanted animals can be used for therapeutic means for needy, ill, and lonely   people.
  • Some animals can be trained for motion pictures, television work, police work, FBI work, amusement park performers and Fire Department work.

Education for animal welfare should be mandatory in schools, media and social events. Families are not a good source of education as noted from society’s rise in teenage pregnancy and other children/teen problems. If people aren’t able to handle and take care of their own kids properly, then how are they able to hand and take care of helpless, innocent animals that need constant care and attention? Education should start in elementary school, once a year, until kids graduate from high school, in order to increase awareness, provide knowledge, and teach kids about the ways to control the animal population. Besides spaying and neutering pets, confinement of pets to the owner’s property aids in that they can’t impregnate other animals or get in any danger. Holding events in churches, synagogues and mosques, as well as in fairs, swap meets, shopping malls, mini malls, sporting events, parks and beaches should allow an increase in awareness and knowledge. Another way to educate is through the internet since many people use this source as a form of entertainment or research. Although most of these ideas are already being used, the message should be stronger and more constant.

A motivator to be considered for controlling the animal population involves rewarding people for every animal they own that is spayed or neutered. After showing proof, they should receive some kind of prize, such as electronics, a vacation, shopping spree, or even a donation from a sponsor. In this materialistic society, such motivator may prove to be an exciting initiative and promotional success.

Homeless animals should be taken to convalescent homes, orphanages, hospitals, handicapped facilities, boarding schools, camps and terminally ill facilities, to name a few, in order to bring love where it’s needed the most as a form of therapy. People in such facilities are usually lonely and depressed. These animals can provide the needed companionship and love, as well as brighten people’s lives. Some facilities or some people might even be able to adopt a pet(s) for daily therapy.

Animals tend to be lovable and adorable performers that can sell anything. They are as attractive and alluring as little kids and supermodels. Also, besides media work, animals’ keen sense of smell, sight and hearing can facilitate police and fire department work, as well as aid handicapped people.

Why test on animals? Companies that test on animals use very harmful chemicals, making it necessary to provide a warning label on the product. As if the torture wasn’t enough testing that they also need to warn customers. On the other hand, the products with natural ingredients are hypoallergenic for sensitive skin, smell herbal rather than medicinal, and don’t provide a warning label for possible side-effects. Which one would you choose?

The human body and the animal body are not biologically the same. Just because the torture on the animal didn’t cause any harm, it doesn’t mean the product’s chemicals won’t harm the consumer. Testing on human beings, whether paid or volunteer, must be substituted in order to get more accurate results.

There are over 100 companies that don’t test on animals because they provide a natural alternative. These companies make their products from natural ingredients. Such companies are the trend of the nineties, and they seem to be more successful than the companies that test on animals. They also test on human beings for likability, customer satisfaction, and possible improvements. They provide other testing methods that are more humane and ethical. Skin patch tests, computer models, and organ, tissue and cell-culture tests are even more reliable, effective and cheaper alternatives than to test on animals. With such testing, there isn’t any side-effects or legal issues. The names of such companies can be provided through such organizations as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals(PETA) and Humane Society of the United States(HSUS).

If the product contains harsh chemicals, testing should be done on inmates in prisons, especially if they are on death row. This “death row” will eventually be eliminated and changed to “scientific testing row”. Since these losers tortured many of their victims, sometimes to death, I think it’s only fair that these inmates should be used in product testing. Furthermore, prison officials should allow the inmates’ victims’ families to watch such testing. It could psychologically help the victims’ families by providing a sign that justice is being served for the lose of their loved ones. I feel this alternative is ethical because it’s not as bad as what the inmates did to get into prison, and it’s in the name of science. There isn’t any ill-fated motive on the part of the testers as there was on the part of the inmates when committing their crimes. Such testing may improve the product safety for consumers, as well as reduce the crime rate if potential criminals know that they will suffer torture, in the name of science, while in prison. This alternative can further be supported by the Golden Rule, which is practiced by all religions, and involves “do[ing]unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

The Law. There must be a law that will stop animal testing and control the animal population by involving fines, jail-time, a prison sentence, or a suspension of business license, depending on the severity of the incidence. To be fair, one warning should be sufficient for ignorant people who don’t know any better. The solution to this problem depends on legalizing the issue and exerting a powerful force to make people obey the law. And who, you ask, will benefit from this law? Everyone! Society will be safer, happier, and more educated.


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