How to prepare your taxes free online

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Well, it’s tax time again! Just a few short days before the April 15, tax deadline. Are you prepared?

Every year, millions of Americans wait until the very last day to file their own personal tax returns. But filing late can have severe consquences and expose you to penalties and late fees.

While taxes might seem like a daunting task, there are many free online resources available to make the job easier.  

Filing your personal yearly tax return online can save you lots of headaches and potential late fee penalties.  Most times, you can submit any tax owed directly online.  And, your return is credited almost instantly.  And, unlike the US mail system there is zero risk that your return will get lost or misplaced.   Save yourself some hassle and file free online. 

Before you begin, gather your receipts, W2 form and any other planned deductions. Here are some simple ways to save time and money by filing online. What you need to know.

Advantages of online tax e-file

1. Accuracy: Even if you’re a little wrong on your tax return, you could end up with severe penalties. Most online e-file sites double check your return for accuracy, reducing your personal liability.

2. Easy: Just answer a few simple questions and your taxes are done. You can even submit your tax owed online with a debit or credit card.

3. Access to expert tax information. Most e-file sites including H&R Block offer free access to authoritative IRS publications that help demystify the tax process.

And, most times, free help is just an email away.

Free online tax file sites:

Turbo Tax

H&R Tax Cut: Free Tax Edition

Tax Act

You can also file your taxes free at the official IRS website.


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