Get Money 4 Free on the internet part 2

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Facts about Bukisa
Bukisa is a knowledgebase with articles about almost everything. As a member you can publish your own articles, presentations, slideshows, videos etc. -and of course you get paid to do so.
Bukisa has a nice looking interface which makes it very user friendly.
You can get started right away and you’ll get your fist payment as soon as you reach $10.
Every month the Bukisa Index is calculated. The bukisa index tells you how much you get paid pr. 1000 views of your content.

1. You can add content to Bukisa: articles, presentations, slideshows, videos etc. and get paid for every time your contents are viewed.
2. You can invite your friends to Bukisa when they join as your referrals. Bukisa pays you for referrals up to 3 levels.

Bukisa pays you with Paypal

Happy Face:
Bukisa is FREE and you do not take any risks by joining (Sign up here)
Very easy to use
Nice and appealing interface
You can earn money without referring other people
You do not need to “work” at your content every day ->
When first published your content it will bring you income for several months every time someone views it.
it is not allowed to make content where you refer people, this makes the content at Bukisa serious and interesting to read.

Sad Face:
The Bukisa index is depending on how much money Bukisa earns on ads but actually still pretty high.
Only available in English
Your downline is only 3 levels deep

I am happy with Bukisa because it is easy to use, because of the appealing interface and because you do not have to be active every day to keep your payments coming.

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